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Signs You Have a Faulty Boiler

Working with boilers and gas is dangerous, which is why it's always best for a Gas Safe engineer to undertake a full diagnosis of a faulty boiler. However, if you believe your boiler is on the blink, but you're not quite sure what you're supposed to be looking for, we've provided a quick guide here...

Signs you have a faulty boiler 

Strange Noises

If you've noticed strange noises coming from your boiler, like gurgling, kettling and loud banging noises, it could be a likely sign that there's trapped air in the system that needs to be displaced. 

Cold Radiators 

Sometimes our radiators fail to operate to their full potential. Sometimes it's just a case of bleeding them to remove cold spots and help them warm up to their normal standard. To bleed them you will need to purchase a bleed key, which you can usually purchase from local DIY shops. 

However, if after you have bled the radiators, they still fail to warm up properly, it could be a sign of a much deeper problem with your boiler or central heating system.

Cold Water 

Whilst a lack of warm water could easily be resolved by switching the warm water on and waiting for the tank to refill, a constant lack of warm water could be a sign of a broken airlock or a failure in the motorised valve. - Either way a qualified Gas engineer will need to take a look and replace any parts as required. 

Your Boiler Keeps Switching Off

Does your boiler keep switching off? If it does, this is a clear indication that something isn't quite right with the boiler and could mean that there's a fault with the water pressure or thermostat. If you require a Gas Safe registered engineer to take a look at your boiler, you can find out our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Strange smells

If you have noticed strange smells coming from near the boiler, it could suggest that there's a gas leak. The same applies if you feel nauseous when standing near the boiler as this could indicate a leak of carbon monoxide, which is obviously very serious! If you've noticed any of these signs, get in touch with our gas engineers in Brackley ASAP! 

Need a boiler repair in Brackley? 

Hopefully you found this blog post useful and if you need a Gas Safe registered engineer to take a look at your boiler and possibly replace your boiler, we're on hand and happy to help.

You can contact us via our phone number on 07875 344794 or send us a message through our contact form. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.