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LPG and Oil as a Gas Alternative

Disconnected from the natural gas grid, LPG and Oil boilers are the heating alternatives available on the market. Whilst both work in a similar fashion, it isn't to say that one or the other is more efficient and recommended. However, finding out more on this topic is useful; especially if you're considering different gas alternatives - So read on and find out more in our blog post below. Before you do, if you would like to contact us regarding our services, just call us on, 07875 344794.

LPG & Oil as a Gas Alternative

Hopefully by the time  you've read out blog post, you can make a much more informed decision before purchasing a boiler. However, if you'd like to get in touch regarding our services, just take a look at our additional contact details at the bottom of this page.

LPG Boilers Aren't as Expensive to Install

As LPG boilers become more and more popular and leading manufacturers offer a wide-range, they have significantly reduced in price and  are cheaper to purchase and install than oil boilers.

LPG Boilers Cost Less to run

As appose to oil fuel which changes in price depending on demand throughout the year, LPG fuel is offered at a fixed rate by suppliers. This is a benefit of LPG boilers as it allows you to plan ahead with your expenses instead of worrying about the price of your heating going up.

Oil Boilers are Greatly Efficient

Oil boilers are actually a very efficient option for a new boiler for your home and is more efficient than gas. Speaking of great efficiency, oil boilers save a lot of  fuel as they heat up water as and when needed. Thus, they on heat water on demand making them very efficient options for a new boiler.

Oil Boilers are Less Costly Than gas

The final point to make in this blog post is that oil boilers are less costly than gas. On average, the cost of oil is a lost cheaper. This ultimately means that by simply choosing an oil boiler other than a gas boiler alternative, you could save money on the fuel. 

As you can see, there's multiple reasons to consider both an oil boiler and an LPG boiler. However, regardless of your decision, here at Elements Heating Installations, we can help with the installation of your brand new boiler. We are available throughout Brackley and the surrounding areas. This includes Middleton Cheney, Kings Sutton, Bloxham, Cropredy, Hanwell, Horley and Hornton, Adderbury, Deddington, Kidlington, Woodstock, Middle Barton, Chipping Norton, Hook Norton and Woodford Halse areas. 

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