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Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

If you're wondering what the benefits of installing a brand new boiler in your home might be, then look no further than our blog post here at Elements Heating Installations. We've explained the benefits of installing a new boiler in our blog post below, however, before we get in to it, if you'd like to get in touch about our services, simply give us a call on, 07875 344794.

Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

Below are just a number of benefits for installing a new boiler in your home. If you're looking for boiler installation services across Brackley and the surrounding areas, then take a look at the additional contact details at the bottom of this page. 

Adding Value to Your Property 

Firstly, by having a Gas Safe registered engineer install a brand new boiler in your home, you can expect to see the value of your property increase. This is because your home benefits from a more efficient and better boiler. If you aren't moving home, this is still a great advantage as you can benefit from a better boiler whilst knowing that the value of your home is rising. 

Improving The Overall Efficiency Of Your Boiler 

By removing your current, possibly less efficient boiler and installing a brand new boiler, you can improve the efficiency your boiler massively. This is because newer boiler are often A rated and benefit from being a lot more efficient than older boilers. This particular benefit leads us on to our next one. 

Saving Money 

By having a more efficient boiler in your home, you can reduce your energy bills in the long run. This is because a more efficient boiler operates better than your current and possibly older boiler. Therefore, saving you money long-term on your energy bills. Whilst initially a new boiler may be an expensive investment in your home, you should consider this point. 

Smaller & Quieter 

Many newer boilers are a lot less noisy than older boilers; this is a great benefit as some boilers are often fitted against the wall near a bedroom and can often produce a lot of noise. In addition to this, newer boilers are often a lot smaller too. This is great as it gives you plenty more option for keeping your boiler out of sight and out of mind; along with creating more space for your home. 


Of course, the final decision is entirely yours, however, these are merely benefits that you can expect, should you choose to install a brand new boiler. Take a look at our contact details below if you'd like to get in touch about our services.

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Now that you know more about our the benefits of installing a brand new boiler for your home, why not get in touch with us about our services? You can reach us by either giving us a call via our phone number on, 07875 344794 or by sending us an email via our email address at, elementsheatinginstallations@gmail.com. Alternatively, and if you'd much prefer, you can use the contact form on our website to send us a message.